Different Types of Handbags- What's the best one

How to Maintain and Care for Your Handbags – A Complete Guide

Today’s fashion forward lifestyle and personal presentation of human beings in the society has emerged manifold. Additionally, the 21st Century fashion conscious consumer is characterized by:

  1. The picky nature in all segments. 
  2. They thrive to satisfy value for money. 
  3. The urge to adhere to social fashion norms. 
  4. The need for maintenance 

Focused largely on the female demographics of different age groups, fashion is not only confined to outfits or jewelry but are primarily enlightened by accessories such as watches, belts, footwear and handbags as a whole. 

To focus further on the topic, we won’t be wrong to say that handbags have come a long way in the fashion industry and have always proved to be women’s best companion in all forms. 

Women can spend hours on the screen to buy bags online, or roam around in the physical world to purchase her dream handbag. In context, if you believe you have chosen a gorgeous handbag for yourself it is your sole duty to Maintain and Care for Your Handbags. But, are you still not sure how to store your new purse? Take a look below at some of the most common handbag care queries, and keep your bags looking beautiful all year long!

Keep your dirty hands away:

The basic rule in Maintain and Care for Your Handbags for women is to never touch your beautiful hand bags with stained, oiled or dirty hands. This can lead to a permanent stain or loss of color on the bag. (On no!) 

Store your handbag the right way:

The key consideration here is to keep your handbags safe in order to keep them going. Most significantly, keep your pieces out of sunshine ( danger: damage to leather) and store them in cool and dry places to avoid cracks in leather. If your handbag comes with a dust bag, ensure to use it every time. 

Special care for metal straps and embellishments:

Studs, pearls, stones, chains and crystals can be tricky to maintain. Ensure molding tissue papers or cotton cloth around the embellishments and metal straps to prevent unnecessary friction resulting in wear and tear of the handbag. 

Pouches at Rescue:

To buy handbags online or offline ensure to use different pouches to store your cosmetics and liquids, which will protect the handbag’s lining from spills and in bonus also keeps you organized to boot. 

A Cleaning Schedule:

As they say, when you maintain your belongings they last for a lifetime. This also stands true for handbags for women. Women must ensure to wipe their handbags with cotton cloth once a week so as to keep them shining and going for a long time. Here’s a tip for you, regular use of leather moisturizer will keep the leather supple and free of cracks.  


We cannot deny the fact that everything around us needs the appropriate amount of care and maintenance in order to prevent them from wearing out too early. Similarly, Handbags for women are especially delicate in designs and fabrics thus requiring the right amount of care at regular intervals. 

We hope this guide will help you in maintaining your beautiful pieces the right way! 


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Different Types of Handbags- What’s the best one!

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