Different Types of Handbags- What's the best one

Different Types of Handbags- What’s the best one!

Fashion and luxury go hand in hand for women of all generations. The demanding need of being socially recognised and accepted holds the utmost satisfaction in today’s fashion forward lifestyle. In this era, where social media platforms have considerably transformed our fashion trends, handbags have a vital role in enhancing the overall personality of females. Apart from the utility perspective, handbags for women are also a fashion statement. Different Types of Handbags are constantly evolving in order to fit into the requirements of women from different walks of life. 

Furthermore, the influential media or availability of handbags for women online has been a game changer in the purchasing manner of women. In today’s internet world, there are a plethora of options in the handbag category. But, in true sense have you ever wondered what’s best fit for you among the variety Different Types of Handbags for women available? Well we are here to provide you an insight about the same. 

Tote Bags:

The current generation is head over heels when it comes to Tote Bags. The biggest advantage of these bags being its ample amount of space utility. It makes them ideal for carrying your essentials such as notebooks, laptops or files hassle free. Also, a wide variety of styles and textures available in this handbag category keeps it in a win-win situation for women. 

Crossbody or Sling bags:

Crossbody bags are a perfect choice when someone prefers to go handsfree. Put the strap across your shoulder and you are good to go. In addition, the ample amount of space, compact size and chic designs available in online or offline stores makes it a perfect choice in handbags for women. 

Shoulder Bags:

The classic shoulder bags have been around in the fashion industry for ages. They can be considered as an inseparable essential for women’s routine life. Shoulder Bags are adorned with numerous pockets, varied textures and colors and size to serve the never ending needs of women. Also, they are versatile; they can blend in easily with formal or informal gatherings. 

Clutch Bags:

Clutches are an essential piece for your personality when attending a formal occasion. A woman must have a variety of statement clutches for her formal gatherings. The compact size helps you carry minimal essentials and makes you glow at the same time. These hand held bags must be bought. 


Backpacks are larger than most other types of bags and feature two straps that go over the shoulders. They serve as a perfect choice when traveling. You can fit in all your essentials in different pockets and heavy items can be easily carried. 

Satchel Bags:

Satchel Bags are versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes. Satchels are smaller and usually have a shorter strap or handles and can be used for everyday use, trolley, on occasions or work.


No matter what type of handbag you require, make sure to be one that fits your needs. Be sure enough to choose the right handbag so that you can make your life a little easier. Also, the best bags for women is the one that makes her comfortable and confident in the real world.

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