Tote Bags Vs Shoulder Bags

In the current fashion forward world, Fashion and luxury go hand in hand for women of all generations. The demanding need of being socially recognised and accepted holds the utmost satisfaction in today’s fashion forward lifestyle. In this era, where social media platforms have considerably transformed our fashion trends. With the same, our handbag choices have a vital role in enhancing the overall personality of the female demographics. 

Apart from the utility perspective, handbags for women are also a fashion statement. Handbags for women are constantly evolving in order to fit into the requirements of women from different walks of life.

Amongst the plethora of options in handbags, such as clutches, sling bags, crossbody bags, in the current scenario, tote bags for women and shoulder bags are the hottest topic of discussion. People are surrounded by the ifs and buts of both. 

To focus further, for the uninitiated, let us first focus on the basic information about these two handbags categories. Let’s Begin! 

What are Tote Bags? 

The current generation is head over heels when it comes to Tote Bags. The biggest advantage of these bags being its ample amount of space utility. It makes them ideal for carrying your essentials such as notebooks, laptops or files hassle free. 

Also, a wide variety of styles and textures available in this handbag category keeps it in a win-win situation for women. 

What are Shoulder Bags? 

The classic shoulder bags have been around in the fashion industry for ages. They can be considered as an inseparable essential for women’s routine life. Shoulder Bags for women are adorned with numerous pockets, varied textures and colors and size to serve the never ending needs of women. 

Also, they are versatile; they can blend in easily with casual meetings, formal or informal gatherings. 

Comparing the Two: Tote Bags Vs Shoulder Bags 

The Space and Size:

To accommodate more goods, fashion tote bags are big. On the other hand, Shoulder bags for women are tiny enough to fit under your arm easily and are designed to hold all of your daily needs. 

The Straps:

In contrast to a tote, which has two straps, a shoulder bag just has one. Because a tote bag has an additional strap, it has a broader aperture for things to fit within. 

The Interiors:

Multiple internal pockets for storing smaller goods and/or zipped sections for keeping all of your must-haves secure are frequently found within a shoulder bag. On the flip side, A single compartment is typical of a tote bag which is often accompanied by a matching pouch to fit in the small size essentials. 

The Structure:

Tote bags are comparatively more structured, having handles and, in some cases, extra straps for easy transport. On the contrary, shoulder bags can have a range of forms, including rectangular, square, and rounded, in addition to a strap.

The Purpose: 

A handbag must serve the ultimate purpose. A fashion tote bag may be a better option if you need to carry more items. Unlike, a  shoulder bag for women is an excellent choice for an everyday purse that can be worn to the workplace or out on the weekends to do errands.

Having an in depth discussion about the comparison of two of the handbag styles, let’s focus on the options available for both  handbags for women online that you can choose from. Let’s have a look at the Elbagino’s Collection of Handbags for women online


Black Croco Texture Shoulder Bag for Women:

This shoulder bag is a perfect blend of practicality and sophistication for your everyday look. This shoulder bag for women from Elbagino’s Collection is a must have in your handbag vanity.

black shoulder bagblack shoulder bag 2black shoulder bag 4 

Shoulder Bag Cherry Croco:

Another one from Elbagino’s Collection in handbags for women online, is this beautiful cherry colored shoulder bag. A modern and versatile design that will catch your eye and showcase your bold fashion statement wherever you go. The maroon cherry color of the bag is perfect for you to make a bold statement. 

shoulder cherry croco bag 1shoulder cherry croco bag 2shoulder cherry croco bag 3

Shoulder Bag Cream Croco:

Handbags for women online are gaining momentum in no time. Thanks to Elbagino’s Premium Collection in Handbags. The cream color shoulder bag is becoming a favorite among women of all age groups. Its Croco-like texture, glossy finish, and cream color make this bag sophisticated.

cream shoulder bag 1cream shoulder bag 2cream shoulder bag 3

Shoulder Bag Grey Croco:

Embrace the perfect blend of design, luxury, and functionality with the Elbagino Grey Croco Shoulder Bag. Whether going to a friend’s party or a professional event with a casual to formal outfit, this bag will become your go-to accessory. 

cream shoulder bag 3shoulder bag grey color 2shoulder bag grey color 3


Blue Tan Tote & Handbag For Women:

Since tote bags have been selling like hotcakes, you cannot afford to miss out on this one. This dual toned tote bag is perfect for casual outings or for a structured professional look. The ample amount of space makes it a perfect choice in tote bags for women. This Tote bag perfectly represents elevating your everyday style and simplifying your life. 

blue tan 1blue tan 2blue tan 4

Tote Bag Black:

This Tote bag from Elbagino is going to be your best friend in every sense. The classic black color, an ample amount of space to keep all your belongings such as notebooks, laptops and work files makes it a perfect blend of elegance and practicality. In fact there is no doubt that it tops the list of handbags for women. This beautiful Tote bag also comes with a handy pouch to keep all your knick and knacks safe. (Isn’t that a bonus?)

black tot bag 1black tot bag 3black tot bag 6

Tote Bag Cream:

Tote bags are known for their heavy space while being stylish. Elbagino is one of the best-selling brands for bags. This tote bag for women is accompanied with a matching leather pouch and flatters you perfectly for your everyday glam look. This bag’s water-resistant fabric makes it easy to carry on rainy days.

cream tote bag 1cream tote bag 2white tote bag 5 

Tote Bag Pink:

who doesn’t love pink. This tote bag is the perfect choice for someone who loves everything pink. This pink tote bag is made of high-quality, water-resistant material to protect your belongings. with the big tote bag, you will get a small pink purse that will help you carry essential things.

pink tote bag 1pink tote bag 2pink tote bag 6

Tote Bag Tan:

This Elbagino tote bag for women has a simple, clear design that perfectly blends with any of your outfits. For Instance, Whether you are going to the office or meeting a friend for brunch, you can use the bag anywhere. The Tan shade of the bag is pretty unique making you shine among all. 

tan tote bag 1tan tote bag 2tan tote bag 8

After discussing shoulder bag vs tote bag, each type varies in materials, straps, styles, and interiors. Choosing between the two is a matter of personal preference, type of occasion, style and shade requirement. 

Consider the factors mentioned above to make the right call for you. You can seize your curiosity about different types of shoulder bags and tote bags women online from Elbagino’s Luxury Collection.

In addition to this, both types of bags make for good carry-on options. If you’re looking for a bag with easy access to its contents inside, you can choose a tote bag. On the other hand, If you’re going for a more polished look with an option for organizing your items, shoulder bags might be the best option for you.

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