Must-Have Travel Bags for Women


A backpack is a must for comfortable, hands-free traveling and carrying most of the necessary items. It gives enough space to pack items for a short trip.

Duffel bag

If you want to carry clothing and a pair of shoes for a one —to three-day trip, a duffle bag can keep your things organized and be carried as a handbag or crossbody bag.

Crossbody bag

Without a small to medium crossbody bag, you can't keep your wallet, keys, phone, and other necessary things near you.


If you prefer styling and functionality simultaneously, carrying a handbag is a brilliant choice. You can look incredible while carrying your essentials in the handbag.

Tote bag

There are foldable tote bags or regular tool bags available, which you should carry in your suitcase so that you can use them later when necessary.


Small to large suitcases are the best option for a long trip lasting a week to a month. In them, you can easily fit all your necessary items, such as clothing, shoes, bags, makeup, toiletries, etc.

Toiletry bags

While traveling, it is very important to keep your toiletries organized. So you should purchase a good toiletry bag with multiple compartments.

Packing cube bags

If you like to keep things organized, packing bags is very helpful for keeping your shirt, top, pants, undergarments, etc. organized and separate from each other for long trips

Trekking bag

Trekking bags are larger versions of backpacks that you can comfortably carry, and they will have all the essentials, from clothing to sleeping bags.

Laptop backpack

If you plan to work while traveling, you'll definitely be carrying your laptop. It's better to use a laptop backpack to keep your laptop safe.