How to Personalize Your Handbag


The easiest way to personalize your bag is by adding badges from your preferred TV series, anime, and other things you like

Bag charms

For decorative reasons and to make the bag more interesting, you can attach keychain charms, tassels, etc., to the bag handle or at the zipper's hole.

Hand paint

If you are good at painting, you can draw something you like on denim, leather, Canvas, or any other bag material. You can easily use fabric color to make the painting stay prominent


Many brands use machines or hand tools to create a particular design or font based on the customer's demand and preference.


There are so many embroidery items in fashion that you can use your sewing skills to make your bag look unique from others.


In this method, you can add texture and dimension to your leather bag. It will emboss some design or pattern into the material using some tool and heat press to add a unique encounter to the bag.

Custom Strap

If you don't like the same old bag strap, you can replace it with a chain, beaded, or other strap design. And if it's adjustable, then it's even better.


Modifying your bag using patches or stickers has been a trend for the past five years, and they are not going anywhere soon. So, if you have any designed sticker patches, you can attach them to your bag.

Scarf Wrap

In many movies or on the street, you will notice that people use silk or colorful clothing to make their bags look more interesting. All you need to do is just rapidly into the bag’s handle.