How to Organize Your Handbag

Remove unnecessary items

Women tend to collect bills and unnecessary papers, so it's better to remove old receipts, expired items, etc., if you don't need them.

Wallet and Phone

Always keep your wallet in an accessible yet inside portion of your handbag so that it won't be an issue even if the zipper is open. And use the mobile pocket to keep your phone.


Handbags generally have multiple compartments, so you can keep essential items like keys, sunglasses, earphones, sunscreen, lip balm, etc. Also, keep your perfume separate so that it won't leak.

Sanitary items

You can use a back compartment or a separate pouch to store tissue, sanitary napkins, sanitizer, soap paper, etc.

Medicine pouch

Always carry your timely or necessary medicines in a separate pouch in your handbag. This way, among other items, your medicines won't disappear.

Pepper spray

You may not like it, but as a woman, carrying pepper spray is necessary. So keep it on the side of your bag compartment. Or in the back pocket of your bag.

Keep it tidy

Keep your bags clean. Remove unnecessary items such as biscuit packets and other things from your bag. Make it a habit to tidy up your bag at the end of the day.

Properly arranged

Don't just put anything you want in your handbag. Organize it perfectly by keeping the bigger things on the downside of your bags and smaller things on top.

Adjustable strap

Carrying a handbag for a long time can be tiring. In such a case, if your bag has a detachable and adjustable back strap, then it's very helpful.

Minimize items

Don't overload your bag; this will cause it to be unable to carry the weight. Only keep the necessary items with proper weight distribution.