How to Match Your Bag to Your Shoes

Same Colour

The best and most simple way to match your bag with your shoes is to wear the same colour items. So if you wear black or nude heels, you can carry the same colour bag

Neural Colour

People like colours, but sometimes they are confused about what to wear. In such a case to keep things simple, wearing neutral shades like black, beige, grey and white is the best option to go for

Bold Colour

People like to pursue bold styles and designs. So, if you want, you can contrast the shade of your shoe and your bag. Hence, bold, shared light blue and orange are also pretty famous

Designer Bags

Multi Coloured or unique-shaped bags are in demand right now. So, if you want, you can carry those multi-coloured bags with any of your outfits or a nude puzzle bag

Leather bags

It doesn't matter what heels or footwear you wear if you carry a leather bag. Leather bag is a fancy material and it complements any outside accessories

Texture matching

Matching texture with your shoes and bag is also an interesting way of dressing up. So, if you want, you can purchase shoes and bags from the same brand to show off the brand and its pattern


Ensure that the style of the bag and shoes is appropriate for the occasion. You must always wear formal shoes with a formal bag wall

Size of the bag

A large tote bag will look out with sophisticated heels or stilettos. So you have to check that the size of your bag complements your shoe and overall outfit

Material matching

Now, it is a unique method of matching your shoes and bag, but you can find bags and shoes made of leather, velvet, suede, etc., so you can match the outfit, shoes and bag this way

Same Season

Avoid wearing bags and footwear from different seasons if you want to carry a fashionable look. If you are getting a Fur bag, definitely wear winter footwear